Advenica is a leading European provider of cybersecurity. Advenica develops manufactures and sells advanced cybersecurity solutions that prevent intrusions, theft and data leakage at information exchanges and therefore enables interaction between and within nations, organisations and systems with high security requirements.

More and more governments, local authorities and enterprises look to outsource IT services, keeping sensitive information safe and infrastructure running becomes vital. Taking advantage of cloud-based IT systems and buying in external IT expertise brings huge savings, but exposes you to risks of these services being breached by external as well as internal sources, hackers or even politically motivated cyber attacks.

As the cyber threat aimed at your IT security gets more malicious and advanced, you need a solution designed to withstand current and future challenges. Advenica offers you a truly smart, commercial network encryptor with Three Domain Separation technology, inherited from our EU approved network encryptors. SecuriConnect can meet the most stringent secure communication demands and yet utilise cost effective and already available connections, such as the Internet.

Keeping sensitive information safe

Designed to fulfil the most demanding security requirements, SecuriConnect is still a cost-effective network encryptor solution. Outstanding usability makes it easy for your network management team to operate the system, exactly the way they want to. A team of experts will guide you with expertise in installation, management, support and maintenance of your system, as well as knowledge transfer within the area of information security. SecuriConnect provides you with high-end protection against interception and manipulation of information in IP based communications. It is ideal for companies with a strong need of protected information exchange within the company or between the company and its customers.

Three domain separations

One of the most outstanding features of the SecuriConnect system is its unique Three Domain Separation. Each VPN device can have access to three different networks.

1. The public network on the cipher text side

2. The protected network on the plain text side

3. The Unit Administration Network that is used when central administration is present


Advenicas unique Three Domain Separation technology is the very mechanism that enables domain separation. The technology ensures that only members within the same domain can share information with each other. The three domains are completely separated from each other. It is not possible for any traffic to go from one domain to the other. Thus, with central administration present, the central administration personnel are unable to reachanything except the Unit Administration network.


A SecuriConnect system can safely be deployed over in secure connections like MPLS or even Internet (provided that this does not violate security policies) and it is not possible for employees within a protected network to accidentally or intentionally connect to insecure networks.


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