Cyber Security

Don’t be shy about protecting your business

The arrival of digital media, Internet, web and online social media has drawn the attention of relevant research community significantly and created many challenges on cyber security. People, organisations and governments around the world are losing a great amount of money because of having cyber-attacks.

For this reason, cyber security has become one of the most complex and significant problems across the globe. Cyber security researchers of both industries and academic institutes are analysing existing cyber-attacks happening across the world and are developing different types of techniques and advanced solutions to protect the systems against potential cyber-threats and attacks.

Pulse Secure is one of the companies that are dealing with this kind of solutions at their daily basis. They provide end-to-end secure access for remote users, on-prem users, mobile users as well as to cloud applications by not only authenticating & validating user’s identity but also device identity and device health check/compliance. They are making sure that your resources/applications are only accessed by trusted users with trusted devices. Which means even though the bad guys steel your user credentials they will not be able to access your data center & cloud applications unless they steel your device as well.

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