Dare to Know Your Network

Dare to know your network – Apply for free application and network risk assessment report

Exploring hidden security risks in your network can feel like a leap of faith. But, with Juniper Networks you have an experienced partner that can safely deliver you detailed analysis of your risks and answers on how to mitigate potential issues.

This simple, secure and non-invasive report will tell you:

  • Application traffic on your network
  • Highlights of associated risk
  • Visibility into internet usage
  • How you can mitigate issue

These security assessment can help you conduct a noninvasive, onsite proof-of-concept and deliver an industry leading security report. The report makes it easy to understand the threats you are facing through your existing network equipment.

The report includes (subject to relevant licenses on the evaluation device):

  • AppSecure details listing top applications by data, their category and risk rating, plus session counts
  • Sky ATP (optional) details results of Juniper’s cloud based advanced anti‐malware service.
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) activity captured by the SRX, noting the type, count and severity of these attacks
  • Web Filtering Statistics listing top web requests and top IP addresses, top categories and counts per category, and details of top URLs visited
  • “Top Talker” IP addresses and breakdown of their application usage (requires TLS connection for secure syslog capture)
  • Full AppSecure application listing appendix including a full list of application types seen and their traffic levels/risk level
Apply for Network Risk Assessment Report




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