Events 2016

Selection of events we have held or have been part of it in year 2016:

01.12.2016 Partner event, Juniper, Securing Your Network, Celje
28.11.2016 Participation at expert level lectures on planning broadcasting and Wi-Fi systems, Belgrade
24.11.2016 Ruckus Dog Day, seminar, Sofia
23.11.2016 Presenting Arris at Beenius event, Ljubljana
02.11.2016 Juniper training on Firewall, Sarajevo
20.10.2016 DSC DAY Belgrade 2016, multivendor event for partners and end-users
17.10.2016 Arris dedicated workshop, Ljubljana
17.06.2016 Juniper sales and technical event, Rijeka
15.06.2016 Ruckus Unleashed workshops, Sofia
11.06.2016 Sponsorship – basketball club Stražišče Kranj
09.06.2016 Juniper Day and Partner Summit, Belgrade
03.06.2016 Juniper technical workshop, Zagreb
25.05.2016 Juniper sales and technical event, Split
19.05.2016 Juniper routing and switching, technical training, Zagreb
11.05.2016 Conference, co-advertising Advenica and Juniper, Zenica
12.04.2016 Mostarski sajam, co-advertising Juniper, Mostar
22.03.2016 Pulse Secure, Juniper and Ruckus, Zagreb
08.02.2016 Juniper and Advenica technical workshop, Podgorica
28.01.2016 Juniper SRX series, Ljubljana
19.01.2016 Juniper and Ruckus portfolio overview, Ljubljana

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. With participation at trainings, workshops, tradeshows you gain information, knowledge, new connections and outside the daily routine you can easily find also the fun part.
For attending or co-creating something like this please contact us:

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