Avoid the proprietary & embrace the open:  Open Convergence Framework

The underlying framework—and philosophy—of the cloud enabled enterprise should be based on the support of open standards. Typically, you will be using multiple clouds from different vendors and you want to ensure the highest levels of integration and connectivity. Also, with the move toward software-defined networks, you want to be able to deploy agile and high-capacity networks that serve greater numbers of users, devices and locations—while using fewer resources and delivering improved cost efficiencies.

With technologies evolving so quickly, the last thing you want is to be locked into a proprietary architecture that prevents you from using best-of-breed solutions and new innovations when they become available. Juniper Networks has embraced an open approach through its Open Convergence Framework.

Within this framework, Juniper offers not only an open platform, but also an ecosystem of partners to complement its own offerings. Juniper partners include Aruba Networks, Ruckus Wireless and Aerohive Networks to support secure wired and wireless cloud based initiatives.

These partnerships (and others), along with the Open Convergence Framework, assure that network builders can provide easy access to business resources from any device and any environment—without locking you into a proprietary model.

Unifying network security elements: Unite Architecture

 This is another area where Juniper Networks is providing industry-leading innovation through its Unite Architecture. Unite brings together all critical network security elements to provide an integrated, cohesive and comprehensive security framework for the cloud-enabled enterprise. With this united approach, network builders can deliver the sophisticated threat protection, security management capabilities, visibility, automation and scale necessary to defend the business against threats at any point in the network.

Unite Architecture can help you build the right network solution to secure your cloud enabled enterprise.

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