Home Gateways

Tilgin is one of the leading providers of home gateway solutions for multiplay and next generation broadband access. Through innovative thinking and software expertise they offer broadband operators smart solutions for the online home.

Ethernet Gateways

Tilgin Ethernet Home Gateways family is designed to be used both in point-to-point Ethernet networks, Fiber to the building “FTTB” as well as the Service platform in other access networks like GPON and FTTH. Gateways are built on a high performance platform with wire speed routing delivering new revenue generating services and applications to the Home and Small Offices.

Tilgin Ethernet Home Gateways fully leverage Ethernet technologies and adds the intelligent service node capabilities that enabling you, as an operator, to deliver an extended portfolio of broadband services and applications into the home. Our focus is on helping you increase your revenue and reduce operational cost.

VDSL2 Gateways

Tilgin HG2381

Tilgin VDSL2 HG family is designed for Next Generation Access networks. Tilgin delivers multi-access gateways with wire speed routing opening for new revenue generating services and applications to the Home and Small Offices.

Gateway Software

Tilgin Solutions’ HGA Software is a complete gateway software solution for the residential as well as the small business customer segment. HGA offers all the features and functions needed by the end users and the necessary tools for the Operators. It also has a number of compelling and revenue generating features beyond today’s triple play services.

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