Relax by securing your business!

In today’s threat landscape, businesses need to rethink their security strategies. Sophisticated malware requires a new approach: network security must evolve from being executed at the perimeters of the network, to a new, holistic strategy in which every network device becomes a point of enforcement.

To make this new approach effective, your next-generation firewalls need to assume an expanded role. Traditionally their role has been to work alongside other devices to secure the network perimeter. But as malware has become more complex, that role is no longer enough. Today, a next-generation firewall must perform as part of a comprehensive detection and enforcement system, leveraging the entire network for threat intelligence and detection. Also the number of connected devices continues to grow exponentially worldwide, raising major IoT data security questions for companies and their customers.

Juniper, Pulse Secure and Advenica know how to handle it.


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