Protecting your information

With products and technologies deployed in more than 40 countries by organisations such as military, government agencies, law enforcement and major multinationals, Advenica helps you every step of the way in maximising cybersecurity. Using their collaboration tools, military and civil organisations, companies and organisations can rely on completely secure information exchange.

Police, border control officials, military patrols and customs officers often need access to secure information such as online registers, or even stream video through a mobile network. Their VPNs ensure safe information transfer, even when transmitting through an untrusted network such as the Internet.

Network encryptors

When geographically scattered organisations share information and data over open networks, such as the Internet, they are facing the risk of data intrusion and manipulation.

Using network encryptors you extend your protected IP networks securely over an untrusted network.

By creating a secure tunnel through an untrusted network, your organisation can send classified information securely over the Internet. Our state-of-the art VPN (Virtual Private Network) encryptors meet government, military and multinational requirements for VPN security on IP-based networks.

Advenica Securi Connect ED120

Ranging from portable, rugged military units to solutions addressing the security needs of large, global enterprises, our encryption products are network and bandwidth compatible and are constantly optimised to meet your current and future customer security needs.


  • Unique security feature; Three Domain Separation
  • Future-proof key management
  • Central Administration with easy-to-use intuitive graphical user interface
  • Made in Sweden

Advenica Securi VPN ISA

Cross domain security

Organisations face the challenge of how to protect their most sensitive information when connecting their systems with other networks such as the Internet. Our range of high assurance filters with advanced filter functionality and data diodes help you to connect your high security and high integrity network with the outer world.

SecuriCDS Data Diode is the ideal solution for organisations that want to prevent intrusion and maintain network integrity, or prevent leakage and maintain network confidentiality. Data diodes offer a more secure alternative to manual data movement removing the risk of human error. It contains optical fibre with a transmitter on one side and receiver on the other, with no chance of a two way transfer.

Cross Domain Solutions – System Overview

SecuriCDS ZoneGuard is a hardware platform and software solution that provides information policy enforcement. It simplifies infrastructure protection by providing an innovative bridge for your information exchange gap.

With innovative self-erasing USB device SecuriRAM designed to transport a limited amount of information organisations can limit unintentional distribution of sensitive information. In addition, each erasure, decrease the risk of viruses and malicious code spreading.

Advenica Securi RAM

Information security is about more than technical equipment. To achieve solid protection and safe communication you need to carefully plan your processes to get the most out of your security solution. We help you meet and surpass the security requirements you need.

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