Secure Gateways for Campus and Branch Locations: SRX Series Service Gateways

One of the particular challenges of the cloud-enabled enterprise is to provide secure network connectivity for campus and branch locations. These networks provide employees with their on-ramps to the cloud—whether private, public, hybrid or some combination—so securing them must be the highest priority for network builders. Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for campus and branch combine next-generation firewall (NGFW) and unified threat management (UTM) services with routing and switching in a single all-in-one high-performance and cost-efficient network device.

The SRX Series Service Gateways for the campus and branch provide perimeter security, content security, application visibility, tracking and policy enforcement, user role-based application control and threat intelligence.

Juniper SRX345

High-Performance Security for Virtual Environments: vSRX Services Gateway

The cloud-enabled enterprise relies heavily on virtualization to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and enable the business to improve agility through resource sharing. High levels of virtualization, however, can complicate security efforts and security policy management. These challenges can only be met by a new breed of security solutions that have been designed from the ground up for virtualized environments. The Juniper Networks vSRX Services Gateway is one such solution.

The vSRX is a complete virtual firewall solution that includes core firewall, robust networking, advanced security services at Layers 4-7, and automated lifecycle management capabilities.

With automated provisioning, network and security administrators can quickly and efficiently provision and scale firewall services to meet the needs of the cloud-enabled enterprise. The vSRX is regarded as the industry’s fastest virtual firewall, offering throughput of up to 17 Gbps firewall large packet (1,514 byte) and 4 Gbps IMIX.

No other virtual firewall comes close to these performance levels.


End-to-End Visibility: Junos Space Network Director

In order to secure the network, you need to have end-to-end visibility so you can understand the network and then be able to program it to defend against any threats or bad actors. As networks become more virtualized and builders increasingly adopt software-defined models, it is important to have visibility and control across both physical and virtual infrastructures. This type of end-to-end management model is embodied in the Junos Space Network Director from Juniper Networks. Space Network Director provides a highly automated network management platform coupled with sophisticated security management through the Junos Space Security Director.

Junos Space Network Director allows network and cloud administrators to visualize, analyse and control their entire enterprise network from end to end through a single pane of glass. This includes data center and campus networks; physical and virtual infrastructure; virtual overlay networks; and wired and wireless networks.

It simplifies and automates deployments through features such as fabric automation, Zero Touch Provisioning and bulk provisioning, allowing you to accelerate, simplify and eliminate human error in configuring and deploying new fabrics or switches.


An Advanced Network Security Policy and Management Platform: Junos Space Security Director

In addition to end-to-end network visibility, network administrators need to set and enforce policy across the entire network to account for emerging and traditional risk vectors. This means network builders should deploy a security management platform that provides extensive scale, granular policy control and policy breadth across the network. The platform should include automated policy enforcement capabilities in order to reduce the risk of human error.

Network builders can extend security and policy control for both physical and virtual firewalls with Juniper’s Junos Space Security Director, which is an application on the Junos Space Network Management Platform.

Through an intuitive, graphical and centralized Web-based user interface, administrators can quickly manage all phases of the security policy lifecycle for advanced services, including:

  • Stateful firewall
  • Unified threat management (UTM)
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Application firewall (NGFW)
  • VPN and Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Threat intelligence (Spotlight Secure)

Among the key differentiators of Junos Space Security Director is that it is highly customizable—offering administrators high levels of granularity, control and visibility, along with the ability to access separate policy-level and device-level views.


Anti-Malware Protection with Advanced Threat Prevention: Sky Advanced Threat Prevention

The threat landscape is an ever-changing place in which those who would do harm to your business are constantly seeking to seize upon new vulnerabilities. Conventional anti-malware products have become less useful as malware grows more sophisticated and bad actors increasingly attempt to leverage command and control (C&C) servers to attack and steal valuable corporate assets.

Network builders in cloud-enabled environments therefore need to incorporate new solutions that deliver advanced anti-malware protection against sophisticated zero-day attacks and unknown threats. One of the industry’s innovative solutions is Juniper’s Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, which is a cloud-based network sandbox that uses static analysis, dynamic analysis and advanced deception techniques to detect and block new forms of malware and zero-day threats.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention augments sandboxing with unique deception techniques to trick evasive malware into making its presence known. These capabilities deliver higher catch rates and enable Sky Advanced Threat Prevention to identify new malware and prevent attacks as the threat landscape changes.

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