Software Defined Networking


From network virtualization to integrated cloud management, Contrail delivers freedom of choice, intelligent automation, and always-on reliability for cloud, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) environments.

These virtual networks let you harness the power of the cloud—for new services, increased business agility, and revenue growth.

Contrail networking: Open, simple and agile

It avoids expensive vendor-lock with an open architecture that interoperates with a wide range hypervisors, orchestration systems, and physical networks. Creates virtual networks that integrate seamlessly with existing physical networks, and that are easy to manage and orchestrate. Speeds time to market for new services by automating the creation of virtual networks that interconnect private, hybrid, and public clouds.

Service providers can use Contrail Networking to enable a range of innovative new services, including cloud-based offerings and virtualized managed services. For enterprises, Contrail Networking can increase business agility by enabling the migration of applications and IT resources to more flexible private or hybrid cloud environments.

NorthStar Controller

This industry-first


Network Services Platform cloud

The NFX250 provides ultra-fast custom service delivery, on demand. This secure, on-premises device can run and chain multiple virtualized network functions simultaneously in an open NFV environment, giving companies the flexibility to create innovative services and automate services activation, with zero truck rolls.

Juniper NFX250

NFX250 Network Services Platform eliminates the operational complexities of deploying multiple types of customer premises equipment (CPE) to meet myriad customer service needs. Communication service providers can use the NFX250 to deploy flexible, secure, high-performance services on-premises. And enterprises can deploy the NFX250 to spin up branches on demand—through a single platform. This software-driven solution uses virtualization to speed and simplify the process of new service offerings and consistent security policies, all at a click of a mouse.

It embeds the industry’s most efficient and full-functioned virtualized security appliance—the vSRX virtual firewall—giving you access to feature-rich security services. The vSRX is easy to license, providing the perimeter security required in today’s threat-sensitive business environment. With the vSRX, the NFX250 virtualizes IP routing for site survivability to meet the stringent demands of always-on application availability. It provides the same high-performance functionality as a physical CPE device, with the added flexibility of dynamic service creation in an open environment. The result is a nearly instantaneous service-delivery experience, in a distributed or hybrid cloud model.

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