Mist Wi-Fi

Mist Networks Wi-Fi

Mist has introduced truly innovative approach to Wi-Fi and wired solution. They have transferred monolithic code bases that are expensive to scale, prone to bugs and difficult to manage into modern microservice cloud infrastructure. With this they deliver unprecedented scale and agility and offers groundbreaking subscription service.

Their key advantages are:

Scalability: Services scale up or down elastically when they’re needed without requiring expensive hardware.

Resilinecy and Programability: The failure of one service does not impact others. 100% API programmability.

Efficiency: Services are designed independently of one another using optimized technology stacks chosen specifically for that service.

Agility: Adding or removing features is simple, and bugs are fixed in near real-time without network disruption.

Moreover they have blended into their cloud management also wired Juniper infrastructure with EX switches  to complete management platform into one easy to manage platform.

The key factor in Mist is AI for IT which has been developed with many partners in mind and is best reflected in following info-graphics:.