If your business depends on the network to deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services, you do business with Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks  is the leader in high-performance networking. Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over a single network. This fuels high-performance businesses.

The world’s biggest and busiest wired and wireless carriers, cable and satellite operators, content and internet service providers, and cloud and data center providers run on Juniper Networks. So do major banks and other global financial services organizations, the world’s top 10 telecom companies, national government agencies and U.S. federal organizations, healthcare and educational institutions, and energy and utility companies.

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Pulse Secure approach has always been focused on ease of use for the end-user – enabling secure access for next generation of workers, apps, networks and things.The term secure access means different things to different people but for most of us it can mean accessing applications, infrastructure, storage either delivered from the cloud or the traditional data center. No matter what people try to accomplish, they should not have to jump through hoops to be productive.

When providing Secure Access solutions Pulse Secure focuses on BYOD (bring your own device) concept, network access solutions, limited network access solutions for guests, fast on-boarding approach, compliance, network irrelevance (public / private / WiFi, 4G), single sign on option.

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When geographically scattered organisations share information and data over open networks, such as the internet, they are facing the risk of data intrusion and manipulation. Advenica is a leading European provider of cybersecurity. It develops, manufactures and sells advanced cybersecurity solutions that prevent intrusions, theft and data leakage at information exchanges and therefore enables interaction between and within nations, organisations and systems with high security requirements.

Ranging from portable, rugged military units, to solutions addressing the security needs of large, global enterprises, their encryption products are network and bandwidth compatible and are constantly optimised to meet current and future customer security needs.

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Ruckus Wireless, now part of Brocade, delivers simply better wireless for approximately 70,000 enterprises, service provider, government and small business customers worldwide. Building on ahead-of-its time technology, Ruckus became a pioneer in the Wi-Fi infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services.

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Today, consumers can choose from a wide range of content – TV programming, streaming web media, consumer-produced video and more. Increasingly, consumers desire more personalized control over that content and expect it to be available on any screen in the home, enjoyable in every room and viewable at any moment. ARRIS portfolio includes video, voice and data solutions for service providers’ networks to the home, in the home and beyond the home.

From the invention of digital TV to the unveiling of the first wireless broadband gateway, delivering wireless freedom to homes across the globe and forever altering how the world works, relaxes and communicates – ARRIS led the industry at every step.

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Mist, a Juniper Company: Pioneering AI for IT.

We built the first AI-driven Wireless LAN (WLAN), which makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable and enables scalable indoor location services like wayfinding, proximity messaging and asset visibility.

In addition, Mist’s AI technology plays a key role in bringing automation and insight across the full IT stack, delivering seamless end-to-end user experiences and substantial IT cost savings.

In 2019, Mist was acquired by Juniper Networks. The deal will enhance Juniper’s enterprise networking portfolio by combining Mist’s next-generation Wireless LAN (WLAN) platform with Juniper’s best-in-class wired LAN, SD-WAN and security solutions to deliver unsurpassed end-to-end user and IT experiences.

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Tilgin provides complete solutions for the profitable online home. By combining customer premises equipment with management systems, software and professional services, they are able to bundle solutions designed specifically for operators – allowing you to fully exploit the power of broadband.

Tilgin team has a extensive collective competence in operator understanding (system architecture), broadband/telecom business segment, CPE and ACS products, product support and maintenance.

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