For more than 20 years, Advenica, formerly known as Business Security, has pioneered communications security with state-of-the-art technologies trusted to secure their customers’ most sensitive information. Accredited to the highest security standards by the European Union and Swedish Armed Forces, Advenica products and technologies are deployed in more than 40 countries by organisations with the most stringent security requirements: military, government agencies, law enforcement, multinational corporations and financial institutions. Today, Advenica is leading the way in cyber security, protecting critical infrastructures with their innovative solutions designed to secure organisations in the digital age.

Many popular cryptographical protections used today are flawed and not future proof.
Advenica products and services give you an easy way to secure your most sensitive information from cyber threats – both those you know about, and those you don’t. They are committed to protecting information, ensuring that you don’t run the risk of it getting into the wrong hands.

Potential users that will most likely be interested in Advenica solutions: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Law enforcement, EU-authorities, Health care institutions, Multinational Corporations and similar.

Security solutions

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