Tilgin high-performance, software-controlled home gateways and remote management solutions turn online homes into a profitable business for operators and a personalized experience of quality and simplicity for their customers.

Tilgin telecom-grade solutions allow for managed services – for triple play and beyond – to be introduced instantly and individually. With easy integration in operational and business support systems, they substantially reduce operators’ cost while creating loyal and satisfied customers and a strong brand.

However, the growing Triple Play market is not just about new business opportunities. It also means meeting new challenges, technical as well as commercial.

With Tilgin you will be able to:

Reduce your operational costs
Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and eliminate churn
Secure new revenues
Evolve your brand

These are the business dynamics that drive the development of Tilgin Solutions’ products and network-oriented solutions – and which form the basis of their business solutions.


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